culture s

Parallel to the development of the Surf Culture and its way of life since the 1950s in France
and around the world, the Surf Art has evolved to become a multidisciplinary artistic genre : graphic and plastic arts, digital media, cinematographic or advertising, music, everyday objects etc …

The origins of this culture and related art date back more than 3000 years.
A culture with a specific identity continued to evolve over the centuries,
then disappeared to be reborn at the beginning of the 20th century to become a genre apart. Far and between galleries in France and abroad exhibit Surf Art.

The Bordeaux non profit Culture S and Vagabonde have become references in the surf culture landscape in France since 2014, dedicated to the organization of artistic and cultural events , with surf culture and environmental values as foundations.

Through Art, we want to raise awareness for the preservation of oceans and ocean heritage, values of ecology and sustainable development.