Art & Ocean

The Earth is more than 70% covered by five Oceans and dozens of Seas. The oceans are home to the majority of living species and generate most of the oxygen production we breathe.

Human societies has been developing most of the time to the detriment of the environment’s preservation, regardless of the stability of ecosystems, nor of his heritage for future generations. Every sea lover is confronted on a daily basis with the reality of an increasingly polluted and overexploited marine environment.

Since their inception, the association Culture S and its Festival Vagabonde events contribute to raising the public’s awareness for the ocean environment. We can highlight the “beautiful” to talk about the “less beautiful”.

By appealing to our senses and emotions, aesthetics can become a vehicle for awareness.


Thanks to the support of partners (Bordeaux City Hall, Zem Agency, SECM, Underground Surfboards, Wave Surf Café, Elise Atlantique), parallel to the Festival Vagabonde 2015, the Culture S team erected an imposing artistic installation at the entrance of the Halle des Chartrons: LA VAGUE.

This artistic installation proposed to the public a wooden skeleton shaped wave more than 3 meters high, bristling with 2200 plastic bottles.

THE WAVE was dismantled at the end of 2016 and totally recycled.

Cette installation artistique proposait au public un squelette de bois en forme de vague de plus de 3 mètres de haut, hérissé de 2200 bouteilles plastiques.
LA VAGUE fut démontée fin 2016 et totalement recyclée.

Projects to come !

We will announce you soon upcoming projects!

Head banner picture : © Cesar Ancelle-Hansen